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LYSÁ HORA (1323 m n. m.)


the highest peak in the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy

Recommended route:

  Ostravice - Lysa hora - Visalaje - Lysa hora - Moravka - Lysa hora-Ostravice

distance of 134 km, paved surface, rised 3304 m.

  Warning: the Pope to Lysa hora is banned from motor vehicle!

  Checkpoints routes are marked with a logo  Logo 3xTOP.cz:

 1. Ostravice  - Hotel Freud , Lights-out hotel Freud - 20% discount on accommodation!

 2. Visalaje    - Hotel Visalaje Logo Visalaje- 5% discount on food and accommodation (MENU 3xTOP:cz)

 3. Morávka   - Penzion u Přehrady Penzion u Přehrady - 10% discount on accommodation 

                    - CYKLOBARMORÁVKA Cyklobarmoravka - 10% discount on food 

 4. Lysá hora - chata Bezručova. chata Emil Zátopek Maraton (MENU 3xTOP.cz)


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Learn the route in detail Lysa hora:



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