We are a prestigious club 3x TOP.cz, unique in the Czech Republic!

General Rules for 3xTOP.cz Routes

1. The routes can be taken from the date specified in the News section of the club’s website. Participants can take their chosen routes in a different order than the one recommended.
2.There is no age restriction for participants, who can  choose the date for climbing a route. Participants will ride the routes at their own risk providing refreshments and servicing on their own.
3.The participants and any persons accompanying them are required to maintain order and follow the rules applicable to the locations on the routes go.
4.To participate, please go to  www.3xTOP.cz, choose a route,  and pay the  route entry fee. Subsequently, you will receive a license by email, stating the participant’s name, which is required for the registration of stamps on the route’s checkpoints.
5.Those parts of the route which are difficult to identify are marked with the 3xTOP.cz logo.
6.At checkpoints on the routes, 3xTOP.cz participants will receive a stamp in their license; the basic points  are listed in the Description of Routes section  and are always marked with the 3xTOP.cz logo. In case of unavailability, a stamp received in a restaurant, hotel, info center or the village office in the area of the particular checkpoint can be used and will be deemed valid.
7.There is a limit of 24 hours for climbing a particular route; once the participant has  climbed the route, they will send their license with checkpoint stamps and the date of taking the route, to the address: 730/5 Na Pereji, Ostrava-Stara Bela, 724 00, Czech Republic, for a check. If everything is ok, is the participant’s  membership in the club will be confirmed and his results published in the stats database  on www.3xTOP.cz.
8.Once their license has been checked by the board of the club as soon as possible,  the club member will get a validated license back and a reward for having climbed a 3xTOP.cz route (a congratulatory certificate and a ‘surprise’ gift from the 3xTOP.cz Club).


Recommendations for 3xTOP.cz route participants 

1.Suitable climatic conditions for climbing routes are mostly in the period from June to October.
2.Get ready for climbing routes and regular training.
3.Prepare a meal and drink with sufficient energy intake, at least 2 cyclo drinking bottles, energy bars, oatmeal.
4.What is important is the technical condition of a vehicle, before defeating routes forget service.
5.Means of transport equipment - reflectors, flashing light, lamps, two spare inner tube, service keys, first aid box
6.Appropriate clothing - large variability of temperatures, remember long sleeves and leg warmers, or even on shoes, hat, gloves, goggles.
7.To protect the head, always get a helmet!
8.In Congress, have in mind that uphill riding trails fellow participant.
9.Always adjust your speed to the status and nature of the road.
10.Do not forget the environment, garbage belongs in your pocket and not into nature!
11.Directions Take with friends in two stretches it better!

Partners of the club 3xTOP.cz